Many things to update, the best thing is that I have cut back to part-time, 20 hours per week, at my day job, hoping that I can now build up this very fun quilting business.

Although my machine was quilting beautiful stitches, I was having a problem with thread breaks. So I have spent the last few days adjusting the tension and stitch quality to try to remedy the thread breaks.

My youngest sister and three of her friends came to spend a “quilting weekend” at my house over Labor Day weekend to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of these friends. The goal was to make her a quilt, and for me to get it quilted before they left on Monday. I finished the quilting at 11:30 that Monday morning. They decided to piece the back also. Here are some pictures of the birthday quilt. The quilting design is Precious by Anne Bright.

50th Birthday Quilt Front

50th Birthday Quilt Back




























I have quilted a two quilts for one of my friends. The Scrap quilt was made from bits and pieces of other quilts. The Memories quilt has fabrics for family clothes that were cut up by her mother into the leave shapes, then the leaves were appliqued by her daughter, and pieced together by my friend. It is a great joy to be a part of this memory quilt. She chose the Extensions pattern by Anne Bright to give it a look of wind blowing through the leaves.

Scrap Quilt

Memories Quilt

I have finished the binding on my blue quilt, but have not taken a picture of it. Will get that in my next post. As well as the two baby quilts I am working on for twin boys that are due next month.

Hope your days have time in them for the joy of quilting.