December and January just flew by, life was busy, and I completed a number of projects. My friend in Africa sent me two quilt tops she had a local tailor make for her. She had a hard time trying to explain what a quilt was. His piecing was far from perfect, and I did have to quilt in several tucks and pleats, but you can’t see them unless you look really hard because of the wonderful, busy, print fabrics. I used an Anne Bright quilt pattern called African Maze on the quilts. One is for my friend, and the other for her first nephew who is scheduled to enter the world in March. Having a quilt from his auntie in Africa is going to be a wonderful heirloom.

Memories of Africa

I understand the Pantone color for 2018 is a purple. I think this friend was before her time. I used the Anne Bright pattern Hippy Love on this one.

I failed to capture for my records a baby quilt I did for a friend. I also failed to take a picture of an experiment I did for another friend. She had inherited a partially quilted quilt. The quilter had left wide backing edges on all four sides, so I was able to load it on my machine. The backing was a very busy black and white fabric, mostly black with little white. The top was a pinwheel star design done in black and white scraps. So I quilted the Ann Bright design Cotton Candy on top of the existing hand quilting. Because the quilt was layered very well for hand work and the good hand quilting, I was able to quilt the quilt easily. It turned out very well. I am not sure that will always be the case, but it is worth a try on a quilt that will otherwise sit unfinished for its lifetime.

One of my friends brought these three table toppers to quilt, the largest being 34 inches square. I was please to find out how easy it is to quilt even small quilts.

This one is quilted with the pattern Scroll Stars by Anne Bright.

This one is quilted with the Pattern Holly Berries by Anne Bright.

And on this one I used Feather Florish by Anne Bright.

I have three of my quilts done and waiting for their bindings, and I will post pictures when I have the bindings finished. One of them is my second “custom quilting” quilt. It turned out really beautiful (in my opinion) however, I still have some “operator” problems that I need to figure out how to correct before I can offer this service.

I hope you all have wonderful adventures in quilting during this month of February. Cold weather, like we have here right now, is always a good time to quilt.