My machine is a Statler by Gammill. The Statler Stitcher is the computerized version of the longarm quilting machine. The most common quilting produced by the Statler is called E2E standing for edge-to-edge quilting. This means that the  same pattern is repeated across the width and then the length of the quilt, from one edge to the other. At this time I am doing only this edge-to-edge process for customers.

The pricing of the E2E quilting is based on the size of the quilt. The length and width is measured and multiplied to determine the square inch measurement of the quilt. Then the square inch is multiplied by the price per square inch. So here’s an example of the way the math is done:

Length 90 inches X Width 72 inches = 6,480 square inches
My current price per square inch is $ .0175.
6,480 square inches X .0175 cents per square inch =  $113.40 for the quilting.

For the different quilting designs available, see the tab “Available Designs.” This is not all that I have, but are my favorites so far. If you don’t see anything you like, there are links to my two favorite designers (at this point) where you can see all of their designs. I will be glad to purchase the design that you want to use for your quilt. I have tested the designs of these two designers and know that their designs quilt out accurately. If you still don’t see what you are looking for, we can check out other designers, and search until you find what you have in mind for your quilt.

I carry rolls of batting which I sell at my cost. Right now I have the following in stock:
Hobbs 100% cotton batting, 96 inches wide at $ .16 per inch
Hobbs 80/20 cotton batting, 96 inches wide at $ .12 per inch

I do not charge for the thread used in your quilt. I carry a variety of threads, but my preference is cotton threads. My favorites are King Tut and Signature Cotton. Both of these are available in a good variety of colors. I have real thread color charts available for color matching. If I don’t have the color of thread you want, I can order and it will just add a few extra days to the quilting timeframe. You can click on the links below to view the colors from the primary supply company from which I order the threads.

King Tut

If you prefer a different type of thread that I don’t have, I will be glad to order that for you.

You provide the backing. It needs to be at least 4 inches larger in width and length than the quilt top. The backing needs to be attached to the machine and the machine needs the extra space to be able to quilt all the way to the edge of the top. The backing can be pieced or a single piece of fabric. It is a good idea to press the backing well to remove as many wrinkles as possible.

For the best quilting, the quilt top needs to be well pressed, with seams laying flat. Making sure that your quilt is as squared up as possible will also help in the quilting process with lining the quilt up on the machine.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions regarding the quilting process. When we meet (unless you are sending your quilt through the mail) we will discuss the quilting pattern, how dense you want the quilting, the thread type and color, the size and price. For mail orders, we will discuss all of this by phone, email, or text.

I am a firm believer in quilt documentation. Therefore, I provide a free quilt label with each quilt. This is usually 4-5 lines with the name of the quilt, maker’s name, maker’s location, date completed (allowing for the binding to be added), and optional name of pattern and Quilted by Herring House Quilting. This label is made using my embroidery machine. If you would like a label, please allow an extra piece of fabric to use for the label (roughly a 8 inch by 12 inch piece of fabric).

I also provide a basting service for hand quilters. Basting is hand-guided lines of basting stitches across the width and length of the quilt. Basting is priced at $ .01 per square inch, for spacing approximately 3-4 inches apart.

Binding service consists of preparing the binding and machine sewing it the the quilt. Binding strips are cut at 2 inches wide. You will need to provide the fabric, with the amount of fabric based on the size of the quilt. Binding is cut, pieced, and sewn to the front side of the quilt. Additionally, the binding can be hand sewn on the back of the quilt. The pricing is:
Binding preparation and sewn by machine to the front of the quilt at $ .10 per linear inch
Binding hand sewn to back side of quilt at $ .25 per linear inch.
(Length X Width X 2 to get the measurement for all four sides)

I can make a hanging sleeve for the quilt that will be hung on a wall. An extra piece of backing fabric is required that is at least 6 inches long and is as wide as the top of the quilt. Pricing for this is $ .05 per linear inch.

What is this? Computerized custom quilting is more in line with the past type of quilting, where blocks, sashing, and borders are quilted separately and using different or related patterns. I am still working on perfecting this type of quilting. Because it will be more time intensive, the cost of this service will be more than the E2E quilting. It will provide a more custom look to the quilt.